My digital Archive and Library residency at CFCCA happened largely during the second pandemic lockdown. We are spending much more time at home and being with the (loved) ones. This has created an unique situation, we’re forced to confront our domestic lives and what this environment means to us. Coincidentally, the subject area I’m interested in are women’s roles within the family.

Within the confined space, all activities seem intensified - no matter how mundane and ordinary they are. Who’s creating these sounds, what’s the engine behind to keep them running?

The rice cooker is a classic and iconic piece in many Chinese households. It is also a useful appliance being used daily by many, bringing families and generations together on one table.

Especially thank you to my mother-in-law for lending me the largest rice cooker that she possesses. It is a piece of appliance she uses every time for large family gatherings (of course gathering dust during the pandemic lockdown).

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