A woman’s body goes through a tremendous amount of challenges during her lifetime, both psychologically and physically.

The monthly menstrual cycle, puberty, constant pressure to look good, to be in certain size, its readiness for childbearing, reproduction or the opposite pressure of not to do so. It's constantly sexuallised, objectified, for male gaze, for female gaze, for everyone's consumption but our own.
The last time I drew nude figures was over 20 years ago during my art classes. During busy everyday life, I have simply not given much thought about my body as such, other than intaking nutritious healthy food to look after it. Its mass, its form, its shape, the lack of acknowledgement of the physical being, 'I' living inside this bodyshell. I also thought of my life as two stages, the before and after giving birth.

The artists from the archives have also taught me when dealing with the subject of nudity, not to have the element of shame attached to it.

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